AI engagement analytics for
video calls

Elevate your online presentations with data-backed insights that help you understand your audience. Measure, record, transcribe and collaborate with Flair.

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Engagement analytics

Measure participant engagement at every point of your meeting. Get data-backed insights to know what part of your pitch worked well, and what to improve.

Review and share key moments

Search across your meetings with key words to find that moment, share bits of calls and collaborate with your whole team in just a few clicks!

Transcripts and recordings, all in one place

Use Flair to record and transcribe your meetings from Zoom, Google Meet, Teams & Webex. Search across your meetings with key words to find *that* moment.

As easy to use as saying Flair.


Invite to your meeting, just like you invite a real person.

Frictionless set-up. Invite from your calendar or right within the meeting. Works on Google Meet and Zoom.


Automatically record, transcribe and analyse your meeting

Recordings and transcriptions let you save your meetings and turn them into a database you  can access anytime, anywhere. Easily find specific moments and share moments across your team.


Start delivering better pitches!

After the presentation, deep dive into your meetings and understand where and why you lost engagement.Spot areas of improvement, and start delivering better online presentations.

A solution for individuals

Get accurate and formless feedback from your audience

Long gone the time of feedback forms. Know exactly where your standing, and what you can improve.

Take learnings over time to improve returns

Leverage the information to your advantage and start crafting better presentations. Sales pitch? Coaching session? No problem.

A solution for teams

Overview team's performances

At a glance, spot who needs additional training and start meeting market's expectations.

Collaborate and enable peer-learning

Leave coaching insights, reduce new reps ramp-up time with past sales calls and detailed analytics, and let your team achieve better.

Privacy comes first.
Here's how.

Completely anonymous. Your name is kept secret.

We are not the police, so we'll never tell who is not paying attention. Engagement analytics represent the atmosphere in the room and are general, not participant-by-participant.

Your meetings are safe. No human interaction. Data fully encrypted.

Flair is built on top of services and infrastructure that adhere to the highest security requirements in the industry. Your data is encrypted at rest, making it impossible for anybody to access it, not even Flair.

Flair always introduces itself at the beginning of a meeting.

At the beginning of every call where Flair assistant is invited, a message is dropped in the chat to announce that the meeting is recorded, measured, and transcripted.

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Record and analyse your meetings on Zoom and Google Meet.

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