Turn sales meetings into coaching.

Record, summarise, and analyse  meetings with customers to identify areas of improvements and increase win rates.

Unlock enterprise-level intelligence built for small teams.

Focus on the conversation.

Automatically record, transcribe, and get highlights of key moments from your calls on Zoom and Google Meet, so you can stop scribbling messy notes and start focusing on the customer.

Transcribe in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Automatic summaries and insights, sent to where you work.

Less "post-call" baby-sitting work and more revenue-driving tasks.

Flair extracts the key moments of the call so you don't have to, and logs insights into your favourite tools:

New (beta)

Interact with your meetings.

Ask our AI meeting-related questions and uncover gold insights. For example:

Get coaching recommendations

Generate a follow-up email in a click

List deal risks, customer's pain points and best next steps.

Only at Flair

Measure and improve your Sales EQ.

Analyse customers' emotions throughout the call and gauge prospect engagement, showing you where they lost interest and pointing to where you can improve your sales pitch.

Collaborate, coach, and replicate success.

Save all recordings in a central, team library to train and onboard new reps. Give and get relevant feedback to and from all the whole team, async.

As easy to use as saying Flair.

Set it up in 60 seconds.


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Sales intelligence should not only be accessible to enterprise accounts, that's why we made it super easy to get started with Flair.


Let's (G)Meet

Let us connect to your Google Calendar and we will automatically send our Meeting Assistant to your meetings to record, transcribe and capture winning info from your sales call.


See the magic!

Be 100% present in each meeting knowing that Flair is capturing the important details in an easily consumeable & shareable fashion.

A solution built for teams...

For SDRs and Account Executives

Receive coaching insights and recommendations that make your more effective and increase your win rates

For Revenue and Enablement Leaders

Turn every rep into your best rep and get increased visibility in deals, opportunities to coach at scale, and insights about the market.

And for individuals.

Capture all your conversations

Record and save all your meetings in a central library, and easily navigate the recordings if you need to look for specific information

Automate admin work

Generate AI-meeting summaries and action items to speed up your follow up emails and proposal drafts. It feels unreal!

Startups & scale-ups use Flair to optimise time-to-success.

The #1 solution to measure behavioural engagement.

Measure your lead's engagement throughout the call and get a pulse of every meeting with access and sharing of recordings and notes across the team. With Flair, you'll know for sure what's actually going on in your team's deals, not just what reps think is going on.

Leverage AI and see what works when your team is pitching.

Identify the patterns and behaviours that lead to success. By understanding what works, coaching and training can be optimised to improve performance. With Flair, you'll have the insights you need to replicate success across your team.

Share best practices seamlessly.

Flair's collaborative dashboard lets teams share and learn from each other's successes. With the ability to access and review specific examples of sales meetings captured in real-life, every rep can learn from their peers and replicate winning patterns throughout the team, and create success at scale.

Real-life examples to get everyone up to speed.

On top of your extended library of Intros, Demos, and negotiations moments, create smart playlists from past meetings and let new reps learn from specific real-life examples. Avoid spending hours in shadow calls and quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses in their first calls and deliver precise training sessions.

Secure Your Data and Close Deals with Confidence.


Flair is concerned regarding your privacy. To ensure GDPR compliance, we obtain your consent, limit data collection, implement data security measures, have data processing agreements, and provide data subject rights. Use Flair with confidence, knowing that your data is secure.

Your meetings are safe. No human interaction. Data fully encrypted.

Flair is built on top of services and infrastructure that adhere to the highest security requirements in the industry. Your data is encrypted at rest, making it impossible for anybody to access it, not even Flair.

Flair always introduces itself at the beginning of a meeting.

At the beginning of every call where Flair assistant is invited, a message is dropped in the chat to announce that the meeting is recorded, measured, and transcribed, so all participants know that the conversation is saved.

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